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RCE Earns New Project with Owen J. Roberts School District

RCE Awarded 2 New Projects!

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RCE Awarded New Commissioning Project

RCE Awarded New Design Projects

Greg Horst Earns Certified Commissioning Technician Designation!

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RCE Awarded New Projects!

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RCE Awarded New Projects!

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RCE Awarded New Projects!

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Child Care Center at Hort Woods (Penn State)

RCE Awarded 2 New Projects!

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Reynolds Awarded Two New Projects

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Reynolds Consulting Engineers Awarded New Design Projects!

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Building Commissioning

Reynolds Consulting Building commissioning is a quality assurance process of documenting, testing and verifying system performance to specifically ensure that building systems operate in the accordance with the Owner’s documented project requirements and the construction documents. It typically begins in the design phase and continues through construction and occupancy. While the commissioning process may be started at any time during the project, our experience has shown us that involving the commissioning provider from planning and design through building occupancy has the potential to yield the greatest benefits to the owner.


Similarly, retro-commissioning is providing building commissioning services for an existing facility that has not been previously commissioned. Typically, it includes a total facility component and system analysis to create the commissioning plan. Once the analysis has been completed and the Design Intent documents have been examined the commissioning agent formulates a plan to get the building back to performing per the Design Intent.


Reynolds Consulting Engineers offers a unique approach to building commissioning and retro-commissioning. Our staff has over 40 years of experience designing and testing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, lighting and plumbing systems. This experience allows us to look at the systems as a whole and also gives us a unique perspective on the performance and function of the equipment used in today’s buildings. Our commissioning process focuses on the design, construction and operations phases to facilitate a "big picture" view of the project.  We commission to ensure that our clients have a building that they know is operating at peak efficiency and that they know how to operate and maintain it for system performance.


We use the most precise, up-to-date technology and data loggers available for our testing procedures. The electronic data loggers give us more precise results, thus allowing us to more clearly focus on the performance of complete systems. Additionally, we continually give owners detailed reports, perform multiple performance tests and building systems inspections, and provide cost savings documentation.

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